Google Adwords and Adroll Banner Sizes

If you are doing online advertising and creatives, you must to know what banner sizes Google AdWords uses. Below are some of the Standard banner sizes that comply with the IAB's guidelines used on web pages.

Banner Sizes Name of the banner Text Ads Display Ads Mobile text and display ads*
300x250 Medium Rectangle
366x280 Large Rectangle
728x90 Leaderboard
300x600 Half Page
320x100 Large mobile banner
320x50 Mobile Leaderboard
468x60 Banner
234x60 Half Banner
120x600 Skyscraper
120x240 Vertical Banner
160x600 Wide Skyscarper
300x1050 Portrait
970x90 Large Leaderboard
970x250 Billboard
250x250 Square
200x200 Small Square
180x150 Small Rectangle
125x125 Button
240x400 Vertical Rectangle
980x120 Panorama
250x360 Triple Widescreen
930x180 Top Banner
580x400 Netboard
750x300 Triple Billboard
750x200 Double Billboard
750x100 Billboard